Question: The Rhythm Shop is a large retailer of acoustic electric

The Rhythm Shop is a large retailer of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. An income statement for the company’s acoustic guitar department for a recent quarter is presented below:
The guitars sell, on average, for $800 each. The department’s variable selling expenses are $75 per guitar sold. The remaining selling expenses are fixed. The administrative expenses are 25% variable and 75% fixed. The company purchases its guitars from several suppliers at an average cost of $400 per guitar.
1. Prepare an income statement for the quarter using the contribution approach.
2. What was the contribution toward fixed expenses and profits from each guitar sold during the quarter? (State this figure in a single dollar amount per guitar.)
3. If the Rhythm Shop sells 100 more guitars in the quarter ending June 30 than it did in the quarter ending March 31, and fixed costs remain the same, by how much will operating income increase?

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