The Ritz Furniture Gallery Inc provided the following data from
The Ritz Furniture Gallery, Inc., provided the following data from the company’s records for the year ended December 31, 2014:
a. Credit sales, $560,100
b. Loan to another company, $7,900
c. Cash payments to purchase plant assets, $87,400
d. Cost of goods sold, $473,000
e. Proceeds from issuance of common stock, $10,800
f. Payment of cash dividends, $45,200
g. Collection of interest, $4,800
h. Acquisition of equipment by issuing short-term note payable, $56,300
i. Payments of salaries, $87,000
j. Proceeds from sale of plant assets, $23,000, including $6,600 loss
k. Collections on accounts receivable, $348,000
l. Interest revenue, $1,800
m. Cash receipt of dividend revenue, $4,000
n. Payments to suppliers, $325,400
o. Cash sales, $170,600
p. Depreciation expense, $49,800
q. Proceeds from issuance of note payable, $24,800
r. Payments of long-term notes payable, $48,000
s. Interest expense and payments, $13,800
t. Salary expense, $86,900
u. Loan collections, $18,500
v. Proceeds from sale of investments, $9,500, including $2,200 gain
w. Payment of short-term note payable by issuing long-term note payable, $74,000
x. Amortization expenses, $6,600
y. Income tax expense and payments, $36,000
z. Cash balance: December 31, 2013, $98,000; December 31, 2014, $61,300

1. Prepare the Ritz Furniture Gallery, Inc.’s statement of cash flows for the year ended December 31, 2014. Use the direct method for cash flows from operating activities. Include an accompanying schedule of noncash investing and financing activities.
2. Evaluate 2014 from a cash flows standpoint. Give your reasons.

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