Question: The rule of thumb stated on page 434 indicated that

The “rule of thumb” stated on page 434 indicated that we would expect the sampling distribution of p_ to be approximately normal when “n = 20 and both np and nq are greater than 5.”What happens when these guidelines are not followed?
a. Use the following set of computer or calculator commands to see what happens. Try n = 15 and p = 0.1(K1 = n and K2 = p) Do the distributions look normal? Explain what causes the “gaps.”Why do the histograms look alike? Try some different combinations of n (K1) and p (K2):
b. Try and n = 15 p = 0.01.
c. Try and n = 50 p = 0.03 .
d. Try and n = 20 p = 0.2 .
e. Try and n = 20 p = 0.8 .
f. What happens when the rule of thumb is not followed?

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