Question: The Saadi Corporation manufactures and sells two products Thingone and

The Saadi Corporation manufactures and sells two products: Thingone and Thingtwo. In July 2012, Saadi’s budget department gathered the following data to prepare budgets for 2013:

The following direct materials are used in the two products:

Projected data for 2013 for direct materials are:

Projected direct manufacturing labor requirements and rates for 2013 are:

Manufacturing overhead is allocated at the rate of $ 24 per direct manufacturing labor- hour. Based on the preceding projections and budget requirements for Thingone and Thingtwo, prepare the following budgets for 2013:

1. Revenues budget (in dollars)
2. What questions might the CEO ask the marketing manager when reviewing the revenues budget? Explain briefly.
3. Production budget (in units)
4. Direct material purchases budget (in quantities)
5. Direct material purchases budget (in dollars)
6. Direct manufacturing labor budget (in dollars)
7. Budgeted finished goods inventory at December 31, 2013 (in dollars)
8. What questions might the CEO ask the production manager when reviewing the production, direct materials, and direct manufacturing labor budgets?
9. How does preparing a budget help Saadi Corporation’s top management better manage thecompany?

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