The school of nursing at a university is developing a
The school of nursing at a university is developing a long- term plan to determine the number of faculty members that may be needed in future years. Thus, it needs to determine the future ­demand for nurses in the areas in which many of the graduates find employment. The school decides to survey medical facilities and private doctors to assist in determining the future nursing demand.
a. How would you obtain a list of private doctors and medical facilities so that a sample of doctors could be selected to fill out a questionnaire?
b. What are some of the questions that should be included on the questionnaire?
c. How would you determine the number of nurses who are licensed but not currently employed?
d. What are some possible sources for determining the population growth and health risk factors for the areas in which many of the nurses find employment?
e. How could you sample the population of healthcare facilities and types of private doctors so as not to exclude any medical specialties from the survey?
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