Question: The SEC Form 10 K of Google is reproduced online at

The SEC Form 10-K of Google is reproduced online at

Review the SEC 10-K Form for Google, and answer the following questions:
a. Compute the change in Google’s current ratio and working capital from 2011 to 2012. Which accounts are the most important in explaining that change?
b. What is included in Google’s balance sheet cash account?
c. How large are Google’s receivables relative to current assets and total assets? How important is receivables management to Google’s operations? How large is the reserve (allowance) for bad debts? Explain.
d. What percent of revenue and accounts receivable results from international sales? What strategies does Google’s employ to mitigate risks related to foreign currency?
e. Why is the increase in accounts receivable listed in the operating section of the statement of cash flows?

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