Question: The SEC Form 10 K of Google is reproduced online at

The SEC Form 10-K of Google is reproduced online at

Review the Google 10K, and answer the following questions:
a. What percentage of Google’s total assets were provided by liabilities, contributed capital, and retained earnings?
b. How many shares of common stock had been authorized, issued, and outstanding as of December 31, 2012?
c. How much cash did the company use to purchase its outstanding common stock and pay dividends over the past three years? How does Google differ from other companies discussed in Chapter 12?
d. Has Google issued any preferred stock?
e. Explain why stock-based compensation appears on the statement of cash flows.
f. Within what ranges did Google’s market price fall over the last two years?
g. How many new shares of common stock were issued in 2010, 2011, and 2012? What was the issue price?
h. What is Google’s accumulated balance of comprehensive income as of December 31, 2012? What does the balance primarily consist of, and what was the comprehensive income amount for the year? Was it greater than or less than net income?

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