The Securities Commissions regulate companies that issue shares on the stock market. They receive financial reports from public companies electronically under a system called SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval). Using the Internet, anyone may search the database for the reports that have been filed.
Using your Web browser, access the SEDAR database at To search the database, select “ English,” then “ Company Profiles”; click on the letter T under Public Companies to get a list of all company names that start with T. Select Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRC), then click on “ View this company’s public documents” at the lower left corner of the next screen.
1. Look at SEDAR filings by clicking on the most recent Interim financial statements/ report English. Then locate the statement of financial position.
a. What was the amount of TRC’s total assets at the end of the most recent quarter reported?
b. Did long- term debt increase or decrease for the quarter?
c. Compute the current ratio. What does this suggest about the company?
2. Look at the statement of cash flow in the interim report.
a. What amount did TRC spend on capital expenditures for the most recent quarter reported?
b. What was the total amount of cash flows from (used in) financing activities for the most recent quarter reported?

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