The Smith Company is preparing its cash payments budget. The following items relate to cash payments the company anticipates making during the second quarter of the upcoming year. a. The company pays for 50% of its direct materials purchases in the month of purchase and the remainder the following month. The company’s direct material purchases for March through June are anticipated to be as follows:

b. Direct labor is paid in the month in which it is incurred. Direct labor for each month of the second quarter is budgeted as follows:

c. Manufacturing overhead is estimated to be 150% of direct labor cost each month. This monthly estimate includes $ 36,000 of depreciation on the plant and equipment. All manufacturing overhead (excluding depreciation) is paid in the month in which it is incurred.
d. Monthly operating expenses for March through June are projected to be as follows:

Monthly operating expenses are paid in the month after they are incurred. Monthly operating expenses include $ 8,000 for monthly depreciation on administrative offices and equipment, and $ 3,400 for bad debt expense.
e. The company plans to pay $ 6,000 (cash) for a new server in May. f. The company must make an estimated tax payment of $ 14,000 on June 15. Requirement Prepare a cash payments budget for April, May, and June and for thequarter.

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