Question: The Snack Shack is a take out food store at a

The Snack Shack is a take-out food store at a popular beach resort. Susan Sexton, owner of the Snack Shack, is deciding how much refrigerator space to devote to four different drinks. Pertinent data on these four drinks are as follows:

Sexton has a maximum front shelf space of 12 feet to devote to the four drinks. She wants a minimum of 1 foot and a maximum of 6 feet of front shelf space for each drink.
1. Calculate the contribution margin per case of each type of drink.
2. A coworker of Sexton’s recommends that she maximize the shelf space devoted to those drinks with the highest contribution margin per case. Do you agree with this recommendation? Explain briefly.
3. What shelf-space allocation for the four drinks would you recommend for the Snack Shack? Show yourcalculations.

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