Question: The Soft Glow Company plans to open a new retail

The Soft Glow Company plans to open a new retail store in Portland, Maine. The Soft Glow Company will sell specialty candles for an average of $ 30 each. The average ­variable costs per candle are as follows:
• Wax $ 6
• Other additives $ 3
• Base $ 3
The company is negotiating its lease for the new location. The landlord has offered two leasing options:
Option A) a lease of $ 3,000 per month; or
Option B) a monthly lease cost of $ 1,650 plus 10% of the company’s monthly sales revenue. The company expects to sell approximately 250 candles per month.

1. Which lease option is more attractive for the company under its current sales expectations? Calculate the total lease cost under:
• Option A
• Option B
2. At what level of sales (in units) would the company be indifferent between the two lease options? Show your proof.
3. If the company’s expected sales were 600 candles instead of the projection listed in the exercise, which lease options would be more favorable for the company? Why?

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