The Spartan Technology Company has a proposed contract with the Digital Systems Company of Michigan. The initial investment in land and equipment will be $120,000. Of this amount, $70,000 is subject to five-year MACRS depreciation. The balance is in nondepreciable property. The contract covers six years; at the end of six years, the nondepreciable assets will be sold for $50,000. The depreciated assets will have zero resale value.
The contract will require an additional investment of $55,000 in working capital at the beginning of the first year and, of this amount, $25,000 will be returned to the Spartan Technology Company after six years.
The investment will produce $50,000 in income before depreciation and taxes for each of the six years. The corporation is in a 40 percent tax bracket and has a 10 percent cost of capital.
Should the investment be undertaken? Use the net present value method.

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