Question: The Speedi Flex delivery service is conducting a study of its

The Speedi-Flex delivery service is conducting a study of its delivery operations. As part of this study it collected data on package type by originating source for one day's operation for one district office in the Southeast. These data are shown in the table. The major originating sources were identified as (1) small cities (towns), (2) central business districts (CBDs), (3) light-manufacturing districts (factories), and (4) suburban residential communities (suburbs). Three major size and rate categories classify the items handled. Overnight envelopes must weigh 3 pounds or less and have a fixed charge of $12 anywhere in the United States. Small packages weigh from 4 to 10 pounds and have dimension restrictions. Large packages can weigh from 11 to 75 pounds and have the lowest rate per pound and the longest delivery time.
a. Are there any differences in the patterns of packages originated at the various locations?
b. Which two combinations have the largest percentage deviation from a uniform pattern?

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