The Speedway Clinical Laboratory is a scientific blood testing facility
The Speedway Clinical Laboratory is a scientific blood- testing facility that receives samples from local hospitals and clinics. The blood samples are passed through sev-eral automated tests, and the results are printed through a central computer that reads and stores the information about each sample that is tested.
Management is concerned about the quality of the service it provides and wants to establish quality- control limits as a measure for the quality of its tests. Such man-agerial practice is viewed as significant, because incorrect analysis of a sample can lead to a wrong diagnosis by the physician, which in turn might cost the life of a patient. For this reason, 100 blood samples were collected at random each day
after they had gone through testing. After retesting was performed manually on this sample, the results were:
a. Construct a p - chart to be used in assessing the quality of the service de scribed above.
b. On average, what is the expected number of incorrect tests per 100 samples?
c. Later, another sample of 100 was taken. After the accuracy of the tests was estab-lished, 10 samples were found to have been analyzed incorrectly. What is your conclusion about the quality of this service?
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