The Startrac Coffee Company is a national coffeehouse chain The
The Startrac Coffee Company is a national coffeehouse chain. The company has a contract with a Mexican supplier for paper cups, lids, and insulated sleeves. Startrac management has found that the paper cups sometimes leak around the lid, dripping the contained beverage on their customers. The leaks can be caused by several factors, including defective manufacturing, damage during shipping and handling, and even how the lids are placed on the cups by employees. The company has sampled 1000 filled cups each week for 20 weeks from a number of different randomly selected store locations around the country, with the following number of cups that leak.

Construct a p-chart for the cups using 3u limits and indicate if the process was out of control and if the control chart is reliable to monitor cup quality in the future. Visit your favorite coffee shop and see if your beverage cup leaks, and if so, try to determine what the cause mightbe.
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