Question: The statute is Cal Corp Code 1800 The title

The statute is Cal. Corp. Code § 1800. The title of the statute is, "Verified complaint; plaintiff; grounds; intervention by shareholder or creditor; exempt corporations." The statute applies in dissolution cases and includes the grounds for dissolving a corporation. The dispute involving this corporation statute is whether there are grounds for dissolution of the corporation.
Part A Draff the law component of the issue, including the relevant portion of the title.
Part B Draft the law component of the issue and include the relevant portion of the title and the citation.
Part C Draft the law component of the issue using a description that focuses on an element of the statute. The element in question is the requirement of shareholder deadlock. Assume the statute provides that a court may dissolve a corporation in the event of a dispute among the shareholders only if there is shareholder deadlock.
Part D To the answer in part C, add the statutory citation.

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