The statute is Georgia Code Ann 11 2 314 The title
The statute is Georgia Code Ann. § 11-2-314. The title of the statute is "Implied warranty: merchantability; usage of trade." The question is whether there is an implied warranty of merchantability. In the following problems, draft a comprehensive or narrow statement of the issue in the relevant law + legal question + key facts format; for the law component, use the Georgia statute. When drafting the law component, include the citation and a relevant portion of the title.
Part A Alice purchases a new toaster from a booth at the flea market. The market is open year round and the same products are always sold at the booth.
Part B Alice purchases a new toaster at a garage sale.
Part C Alice becomes ill from a soft drink purchased at a local fast-food restaurant.
Part D Alice, while shopping at the flea market, purchases a soft drink from a vendor at the market. She becomes sick from the drink.
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