The Strategic Air Command SAC is concerned about the possibility
The Strategic Air Command (SAC) is concerned about the possibility that missiles will not launch successfully. Utilizing test data, it regresses X1 (the temperature at launch in degrees Fahrenheit), X2 (the number of months since the last overhaul of the launch mechanism), and X3 (the number of ICBMs sited within 800 meters). SAC gets the following results with Y (a dummy variable that is coded 1 if the launch fails):
 = .06 - 0.12X1 + .006X2 - .094X3
sb1 = .0021 sb2 = .0015 sb3 = .087 Sy|x = .034
R2 = .69 Adj. R2 = .65 N = 214
Interpret the slopes, intercept, and R2, and test the slopes for significance. SAC wants the probability of failure to be no more than 20%. If launches will proceed at – 10 degrees with no other missiles within 800 meters, how often should launch mechanisms be serviced?
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