Question: The structure of a diesel electric locomotive is essentially

The structure of a diesel-electric locomotive is essentially a composite beam supporting a deck. Above the deck are mounted the diesel prime mover, generator or alternator, radiators, switch gear, and auxiliaries. Beneath the deck are found fuel and lubricant tanks, air reservoirs, and small auxiliaries. This assembly is supported at bolsters by the trucks that house the traction motors and brakes. This equipment is distributed as uniformly as possible in the span between the bolsters. In an approximate way, the loading can be viewed as uniform between the bolsters and simply supported. Because the hoods that shield the equipment from the weather have many rectangular access doors, which are mass-produced, it is important that the hood structure be level and plumb and sit on a flat deck. Aesthetics plays a role too. The center sill beam has a second moment of area of I = 5450 in4, the bolsters are 36 ft apart, and the deck loading is 5000 lbf/ft.
(a) What is the camber of the curve to which the deck will be built in order that the service-ready locomotive will have a flat deck?
(b) What equation would you give to locate points on the curve of part (a)?

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