Question: The system development project team at Birdie Masters golf schoo

The system development project team at Birdie Masters golf schools has been working on defining the architecture design for a new system. The major focus of the project is a networked school location operations system allowing each school location to easily record and retrieve all school location transaction data. Another system element is the use of the Internet to enable current and prospective students to view class offerings at any of the Birdie Masters' locations, schedule lessons and enroll in classes at any Birdie Masters' location, and maintain a student progress profile-a confidential analysis of the student's golf skill development.
The project team has been considering the globalization issues that should be factored into the architecture design. The school's plan for expansion into the golfcrazed Japanese market is moving ahead. The first Japanese school location is tentatively planned to open about six months after the target completion date for the system project. Therefore, it is important that issues related to the international location be addressed now during design.
Prepare a set of nonfunctional requirements, including operational requirements, performance requirements, security requirements, and cultural and political requirements.
Much information is incomplete, but do your best.

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