The table below gives the average June and December temperatures (in Fahrenheit) for eight cities in the United States. City June December Anchorage 55.0 18.6 Bismarck 64.7 16.2 Boston 67.7 34.7 Chicago 68.9 27.7 Dallas 81.3 47.1 New York 70.4 37.7 Phoenix 90.5 56.1 Portland 63.6 40.4
a. Draw a scatter plot for these temperatures, placing June on the horizontal axis and December on the vertical axis. Comment on whether or not it looks like there is a general linear relationship and, if so, whether it is positive or negative.
b. Using Excel, a calculator, or other software, finds the correlation between average June and December temperatures for these cities. Do the value and the sign (positive or negative) make sense based on the scatterplot from part (a)?

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