Question: The table shows the heights and weights of some people

The table shows the heights and weights of some people. The scatterplot shows that the association is linear enough to proceed.
Height (inches) Weight (pounds)
60 .............. 105
66 .............. 140
72 .............. 185
70 .............. 145
63 .............. 120
a. Calculate the correlation, and find and report the equation of the regression line, using height as the predictor and weight as the response.
b. Change the height to centimeters by multiplying each height in inches by 2.54. Find the weight in kilograms by dividing the weight in pounds by 2.205. Retain at least six digits in each number so there will be no errors due to rounding.
c. Report the correlation between height in centimeters and weight in kilograms, and compare it with the correlation between the height in inches and weight in pounds.
d. Find the equation of the regression line for predicting weight from height, using height in cm and weight in kg. Is the equation for weight (in pounds) and height (in inches) the same as or different from the equation for weight (in kg) and height (in cm)?

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