The table shows the number of people living in a house and the weight of trash (in pounds) at the curb just before trash pickup.
People Trash (pounds)
2 ........... 18
3 ........... 33
6 ........... 93
1 ........... 23
7 ........... 83
a. Find the correlation between these numbers by using a computer or a statistical calculator.
b. Suppose some of the weight was from the container (each container weighs 3 pounds). Subtract 3 pounds from each weight, and find the new correlation with the number of people. What happens to the correlation when a constant is added (we added negative 3) to each number?
c. Suppose each house contained exactly twice the number of people, but the weight of the trash was the same. What happens to the correlation when numbers are multiplied by a constant?

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