The table shows the number of work hours last week
The table shows the number of work hours “last week” from a random sample of people during the “Great Recession,” as reported by the 2008 General Social Survey. Unemployed people were not included. The headings show educational level: LTHS stands for “less than high school,” HS refers to a high school degree, JC refers to a degree from a two-year college, and Bach refers to a four-year bachelor’s degree.
a. Compare the sample mean numbers of work hours for these groups.
b. Find the number of pairwise comparisons. Report the Bonferroni corrected significance level required to carry out two-sample t-tests to test whether each pair of means is different. The desired overall significance level is 0.05.
c. Assume that conditions for two-sample t-tests are met. Use an overall significance level of 0.05, and for each pair, test whether the means are different. Report the value of the t-statistic, the p-value, and the conclusion for each test. Are education levels and work hours associated?
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