Question: The table summarizes the performance of golfers in the 2010

The table summarizes the performance of golfers in the 2010 U.S. Open golf tournament. The table shows the number of holes in each round completed in fewer than the allowed number of strokes (birdies, which includes double birdies), at the allowed number of strokes (par), with one extra stroke (bogey), or with two extra (double bogey). For example, in the first round players scored one under par on 341 holes. Only players who score among the lower half after two rounds participate in the final two rounds.
(a) What would it mean to find a statistically significant value of x2 for this table? Interpret your answer in the context of the tournament.
(b) What is the impact of dropping the higher scoring players from the later rounds on the assumptions and interpretation of x?
(c) These data exclude occasions when players scored better than a birdie on a hole (19 made eagles, for example). Should we include these in the table?
(d) Do these data meet the conditions required by the chi-squared test of independence?
(e) Regardless of your answer to ā€œdā€ compute x2 with a p-value. How would you interpret these values, given your answer to ā€œdā€?

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