Question: The Tech Athletic Department has developed a reseating plan for

The Tech Athletic Department has developed a reseating plan for its football stadium. Football season-ticket holders can pick their seats using a computerized system according to their rank in a point system based on cumulative contributions over the years plus their current annual contribution giving level to the athletic fund. In order to determine when (i.e., what day and time) contributors can select their seats, their contribution data are manually entered into a computer program that computes their points and ranking by Tech students hired on a part-time basis. As this information is determined, it is mailed to the contributors, who can check it for accuracy. During the first several weeks of this process, the athletic department received a number of phone calls and visits from upset contributors who found errors in their points and ranking, so the athletic department staff’ went back and determined how many errors were made for each of the first 14 days of the process, shown as follows.

Construct a c-chart with 3σ limits for the number of errors, and indicate if this chart would be reliable to monitor the quality of the data input process in thefuture.

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