Question: The Templeton Manufacturing and Distribution Company of Tacoma Washington are

The Templeton Manufacturing and Distribution Company of Tacoma, Washington are contemplating the purchase of a new conveyor belt system for one of its regional distribution facilities. Both alternatives will accomplish the same task but the Eclipse Model is substantially more expensive than the Sabre Model and will not have to be replaced for 10 years, whereas the cheaper model will need to be replaced in just 5 years. The costs of purchasing the two systems and the costs of operating them annually over their expected lives are as follows:

a. Templeton typically evaluates investments in plant improvements using a 12 percent required rate of return. What are the NPVs for the two systems?
b. Calculate the equivalent annual costs for the two systems.
c. Based on your analysis of the two systems using both their NPV and EAC, which systems do you recommend the company pick?Why?

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