Question: The Tinjin Company is in the process of developing a

The Tinjin Company is in the process of developing a Web site to market fine linens. Some of the basic business considerations are as follows:
a. Tinjin is new and without much capital. Therefore, obtaining a merchant account from any of the major credit card companies seems unlikely.
b. Tinjin has a small storefront in the city, but business there is too slow to make enough money to survive. It is hoped that Internet sales will make the business a success.
c. The owners of Tinjin do not have enough capital to hire any professional consultants, but they have some basic knowledge of personal computers and the Internet.

Draft a plan for a solution to Tinjin’s problems described here.
a. Describe at least two options for Tinjin to set up its Web site.
b. Describe options for Tinjin to collect funds from customers.
c. What problems might Tinjin encounter in integrating its Web site with its accounting system?

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