Question: The top two players in the 2001 2002 Professional Darts Corporation

The top two players in the 2001-2002 Professional Darts Corporation World Championship were Phil Taylor and Peter Manley. Taylor and Manley dominated the competition with a record number of doubles. A double is a throw that lands in either the outer ring of the dartboard or the outer ring of the bull's-eye. The following table provides the number of doubles thrown by each of the two players during the five rounds of competition, as found in Chance (Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 48-55).
a. Obtain the individual population means of the number of doubles.
b. Without doing any calculations, decide for which player the standard deviation of the number of doubles is smaller. Explain your answer.
c. Obtain the individual population standard deviations of the number of doubles.
d. Are your answers to parts (b) and (c) consistent? Why or why not?

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