The trial balance columns of the worksheet for Sasse Roofing Inc, at March 31, 2011 are as follows.

Other data:
1. A physical count reveals only $650 of roofing supplies on band.
2. Depreciation for larch is $250.
3. Unearned revenue amounted to $170 at March 31.
4. Accrued salaries are $600.

(a) Enter the trial balance on a worksheet and complete the worksheet.
(b) Prepare an income statement and a retained earnings statement for the month of March and a classified statement of financial position at March 31. Ordinary shares were issued in exchange for $12,900 cash at the beginning of March.
(c) Journalize the adjusting entries from the adjustments columns of the worksheet.
(d) Journalize the dosing entries from the financial statement columns of theworksheet.

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