Question: The trial balance of Mis Match Inc on June 30 2014

The trial balance of Mis-Match Inc. on June 30, 2014, is as follows:
The following transactions took place in July 2014: The following transactions took place in July 2014:
1. Payments received from customers on account amounted to $ 1,320.
2. A computer printer was purchased on account for $500.
3. Services provided to clients and billed on account amounted to $3,890.
4. $400 of supplies was purchased on account in July, and a physical count on July 31 showed that there was S475 of supplies on hand on July 31.
5. When the Unearned Revenue account was reviewed, it was found that $825 of the balance was earned in July.
6. Salaries and Wages Expense of $670 related to employee services provided in July was not yet recorded as of
7. Payments to suppliers on account amounted to S2, 125.
8. Received invoices totalling $1,160 related to office expenses incurred in July.
9. Declared a dividend ofS575 on July 31.
Inst ructions
Prepare the trial balance as at July 31, 2014, assuming that Mis-Match did not record closing entries at the end of June 2014.

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