The US Census tracks the number of women owned businesses that
The US Census tracks the number of women-owned businesses that have a payroll. In 1992, women owned more than 800,000 such firms in the United States. The data identify the industry for all but 9,000 of these. This table also shows the number of businesses in the different industries, from a study in 1995. (These data are taken from a census study in 1992 and reported in the 2000 Statistical Abstract of the United States, Table 873.)
(a) Make a bar chart to display the counts of businesses owned by women and a second that shows the counts for all businesses, and label them correctly. Do these plots suggest that women owned business concentrate in some industries?
(b) Construct a single plot that directly shows which industries have the highest concentration of women-owned businesses. Would a pie chart of the second column in the table be appropriate?
(c) One data table tracks firms owned by women in 1992. The other tracks all firms and was collected three years later in 1995. Is this time gap a problem?
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