The U S Department of Labor publishes descriptions of jobs educational
The U.S. Department of Labor publishes descriptions of jobs, educational requirements, and the outlook for many jobs and professions. Go to its site at and answer the following questions:
a. Search for the job title systems analyst. Describe what such people do. Is this a job that interests you? Why or why not? What education do you need? What is the median pay b. Click the Similar Occupations link at the bottom of this page. Find another job that you might want. Describe that job, median salary, and educational requirements.
c. The BLS data is comprehensive, but it is not uptodate for fast-changing disciplines such as IS. For example, one very promising career today is social media marketing, a job that does not appear in the BLS data. Describe one way that you might learn about employment prospects for such emerging job categories.
d. Considering your answer to question c, describe an IS-related job that would be the best match for your skills and interests. Describe how you can learn if that job exists.
and job growth projection?
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