The U S Golf Association is considering a ban on long
The U.S. Golf Association is considering a ban on long and belly putters. This has caused a great deal of controversy among both amateur golfers and members of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) (Golfweek, October 26, 2012). Shown below are the names of the top 10 finishers in the recent PGA Tour McGladrey Classic golf tournament.
1. Tommy Gainey
2. David Toms
3. Jim Furyk
4. Brendon de Jonge
5. D. J. Trahan
6. Davis Love III
7. Chad Campbell
8. Greg Owens
9. Charles Howell III
10. Arjun Atwal
a. Select a simple random sample of three of these players to assess their opinions on the use of long and belly putters. Use random numbers from column 2 of Table 7.1 to make your selection. Start with 59986 and use the last digit, 6, as the first player selected (Davis Love III). Continue down the column to select two more players.
b. Using the information in the third item in the Notes and Comments section, determine how many different simple random samples of size 3 can be selected from the list of 10 players.

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