Question: The use of the drug Prempro a combination of two

The use of the drug Prempro, a combination of two female hormones that many women take after menopause, is called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In July 2002, a medical article reported the results of a study that was done to determine the effects of Prempro on many diseases. (Source: Women's Writing Group, Risks and benefits of estrogen plus progestin in healthy postmenopausal women, JAMA, 2002) The study was placebo-controlled, randomized, and double blind. From studies like these, it is possible to make statements about cause and effect. The figure shows comparisons of disease rates in the study.
a. For which diseases was the disease rate higher for those who took HRT? And for which diseases was the rate lower for those who took HRT?
b. Why do you suppose we compare the rate per 10,000 women (per year), rather than just reporting the numbers of women observed who got the disease?

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