Question: The Valley Times and World News publishes and delivers a

The Valley Times and World News publishes and delivers a morning newspaper 7 days a week. The bundled papers are delivered by trucks to a number of area communities where they are picked up by carriers at a central location in the community, who then deliver the individual newspapers to customers along various predetermined routes. The papers arrive at the central distribution location around 6 A.M., and they must be delivered by 8 A.M. The routes include homes, stores, restaurants, and newspaper machines. One community, Hannah Creek, has 10 routes, and six available paper carriers, who have requested a delivery contract. The following table shows the time (in minutes) required to deliver the newspapers along each route, the number of papers delivered on each route, and the vehicle capacity (in number of papers) of each carrier:

Formulate and solve a linear integer programming model that will minimize the total number of carriers needed to make the deliveries and that will determine which carrier will be assigned ach route and the total number of papers delivered by each of the selectedcarriers.
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