The Vancouver International Airport Authority described in Chapter 3 manages
The Vancouver International Airport Authority, described in Chapter 3, manages and operates the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Its focus on safety, security, and customer service has contributed to YVR’s ranking among the top 10 airports in the world. To maintain its excellent customer service standards and in anticipation of new government regulations, airport management sought to take leader ship in improving customer flow through its airport security checkpoints. To understand flow, management started with a single security line comprising an X- ray scanner for carry on items and a screening station for passengers. Arriving customers first prepare themselves for the inspection by removing belts, coats and shoes, emptying their pockets, and separating electronic gear from other personal items. They then deposit all bags in trays on the scanner and proceed personally to the screening station. Once the screening is completed, passengers retrieve their belongings, put on their shoes, belts, and coats, and exit the facility.
On average, it takes passengers 30 seconds to pre-pare for the line, and to place all carry- on items in the trays for the X- ray scanner. The X- ray scanner takes 40 seconds per tray, and the average passenger utilizes 1.5 trays. The personal screening station requires 30 seconds per person. Finally, retrieving of belongings and getting reorganized takes 60 seconds. All the times mentioned represent activity time at the various activities and do not include the effects of waiting.
a. Draw a process map for the security check process.
b. What is theoretical flow time of the security check process?
c. A sample of 20 passengers was selected at random, and the time required for each to clear the security check was recorded. The average of the individual times was 530 seconds. What is the process flow-time efficiency?
d. What is the impact on theoretical flow time of the process if the personal screening activity is expedited to 20 seconds?
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