The volunteer coordinator of the Downtown Emergency Shelter has asked you to use the information provided in Figure 2-20 to create an Access database. (You can download the Excel file called Ch02Ex02 and import the data into your database.)
Your instructions are to create two tables (donors and volunteers) and prepare a Phonathon Call Report for each volunteer. The shelter manager wants you to add three fields to the donor table: this year’s contribution, a calculated field that shows the average contribution per employee, and a calculated field that shows a target contribution that is 5 percent higher than last year’s contribution. The report should list the volunteer’s name and number, as well as the following donor information: donor number, donor name, company name, phone number, and contribution amount from the prior year, number of employees, average contribution per employee, and target contribution for this year. Although address information will not be included on the report, that information will be used to send receipts to the donors at the conclusion of this year’s fund-raising event.

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