The Wall Street Journal CEO Compensation Study analyzed CEO pay from many U.S. companies with fiscal year 2008 revenue of at least $5 billion that filed their proxy statements between October 2008 and March 2009. The data are in the file S02_30.xlsx.
a. Create histograms to gain a clearer understanding of the distributions of annual base salaries and bonuses earned by the surveyed CEOs in fiscal 2008. How would you characterize these histograms?
b. Find the annual salary below which 75% of all given CEO salaries fall.
c. Find the annual bonus above which 55% of all given CEO bonuses fall.
d. Determine the range of the middle 50% of all given total direct compensation figures. For the
50% of the executives that do not fall into this middle 50% range, is there more variability in total direct compensation to the right than to the left? Explain.

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