Question: The widespread use of salt on roads in Canada and

The widespread use of salt on roads in Canada and the northern United States during the winter and acid precipitation throughout the year combine to cause rust on cars. Car manufacturers and other companies offer rust proofing services to help purchasers preserve the value of their cars. A consumer protection agency decides to determine whether there are any differences between the rust protection provided by automobile manufacturers and that provided by two competing types of rust-proofing services. As an experiment, 60 identical new cars are selected. Of these, 20 are rust-proofed by the manufacturer. Another 20 are rust-proofed using a method that applies a liquid to critical areas of the car. The liquid hardens, forming a (supposedly) lifetime bond with the metal. The last 20 are treated with oil and are retreated every 12 months.
The cars are then driven under similar conditions in a Minnesota city. The number of months until the first rust appears was recorded. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that at least one rust-proofing method is different from the others?

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