Question: The Wilting Tree Company WTC sells shrubs and trees to

The Wilting Tree Company (WTC) sells shrubs and trees to the general public in the entire West Texas area. WTC has nurseries in many cities and a corporate office in Houston with over 100 clerical employees. All clerical employees use personal computers as part of their work, and many freely share files with each other via e- mail. They also routinely exchange instant messages with each other using chat software.
In recent weeks, the IT department has become increasingly frustrated because many of the employee workstations have become infected with malware. Some computers have refused to boot, others run slowly, and still others are corrupted so badly that the Web browser freezes and needs frequent restarting. What really frustrated the IT department is that all workstations have the best malware protection software suites on the market, and regular vendor updates take place in real time. Still, despite malware protection, the problems of malware keep getting worse, and overall operations have begun to slow down considerably.

a. How do you recommend solving the problem?

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