Question: The XYZ Company sells tools and parts to automotive repair

The XYZ Company sells tools and parts to automotive repair shops. Shops call in orders; all orders received by noon are delivered the same day. Between 12:00 and 1:00, the system prints out schedules. From 1:00 to 5:00, drivers make deliveries according to the printed schedules. Typically, each driver makes between 25 and 30 deliveries each day. Each delivery is signed for by a repair shop manager; the portable laptop then uses wireless communications to transmit information about the delivery back to the XYZ Company and the information is recorded as another row in the sales event table. The XYZ Company uses its own trucks to make local deliveries to its customers. It wants to track information about the use of those trucks: which employee drove which truck, to which customers did a particular truck make deliveries, which deliveries are made on which days, what was the starting and stopping mileage each day?

a. Draw a partial REA diagram of the XYZ Company’s revenue cycle to model these events: Taking Customer Orders, Deliveries, and the Use of Vehicles. Be sure to include cardinalities.
b. Create a set of tables (either on paper or in a relational DBMS to which you have access) to implement the REA model you developed for the XYZ Company.

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