These data give the times in minutes for cyclists who
These data give the times in minutes for cyclists who competed in the 2010 Tour de France and raced in both time trial events. In a time trial, each cyclist individually rides a set course. The rider with the shortest time wins the event. The courses in the 2010 tour varied in length. The frst time trial at the start of the month-long race was 8.9 kilometers long, and the second time trial near the end of the race was 52 kilometers long.
(a) Would you expect the times to be associated?
(b) Make a scatterplot of these data, with the frst set of times along the x-axis. Do the variables appear to be associated? Describe the relationship, if any.
(c) Find the correlation between these variables, if appropriate.
(d) Identify the times for Alberto Contador (who won the overall race) in the scatterplot. Did he perform exceptionally well in these events?
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