This assignment introduces you to EDGAR the Securities and Exchange
This assignment introduces you to EDGAR, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s database of financial information about publicly owned companies. The SEC maintains EDGAR to increase the efficiency of financial reporting in the American economy and also to give the public free and easy access to information about publicly owned companies.
Access EDGAR at the following Internet address: Go to “Filings & Forms.” Click “Search for Company Filings” and then “Companies and Other Filers.” Then type Cisco Systems into the search box and click on “Find Companies.” Locate the most recent 10Q (quarterly) report.
What is the business address of Cisco Systems?
Locate the balance sheet in Form 10Q and determine whether the amount of the company’s cash (and cash equivalents) increased or decreased in the most recent quarter.
Locate the income statement (called the “statement of operations”). What was the company’s net income for the most recent quarter? Is that amount higher or lower than in the previous quarter?
Analyze the statement of cash flows. How much cash was provided by operations to date for the current year?
While you are in EDGAR, pick another company that interests you and learn more about it by studying that company’s information. Be prepared to tell the class which company you selected and explain what you learned.

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