Question: This chapter s Feature Story discusses the fact that although Clif

This chapter’s Feature Story discusses the fact that although Clif Bar & Company is not a public company, it does share its financial information with its employees as part of its open book management approach. Further, although it does not publicly share its financial information, it does provide a different form of an annual report to external users. In this report, the company provides information regarding its sustainability efforts.

Access the 2010 annual report of Clif Bar & Company at the site shown above and then answer the following questions.
(a) What are the Five Aspirations?
(b) How does this annual report differ from the annual report discussed in the chapter? Are there any similarities?
(c) What are the four key goals of the company’s sustainability efforts related to the planet? Give one example of a recent initiative, and a measurable outcome for that initiative, that the company has taken related to each goal.

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