Question: This exercise can be done individually or better yet as

This exercise can be done individually or, better yet, as a class project.
a. Use a table of random numbers or a random-number generator to obtain 50 random integers between 0 and 9.
b. Without graphing the distribution of the 50 numbers you obtained, guess its shape. Explain your reasoning.
c. Construct a relative-frequency histogram based on singlevalue grouping for the 50 numbers that you obtained in part (a). Is its shape about what you expected?
d. If your answer to part (c) was "no," provide an explanation.
e. What would you do to make getting a "yes" answer to part (c) more plausible?
f. If you are doing this exercise as a class project, repeat parts (a)-(c) for 1000 random integers.

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