Question: This is an actual press release published in the Des

This is an actual press release published in the Des Moines Register with an article on buzzwords.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the largest private employer with more than 1.8 million employees and the largest corporate mover of people, selected Capital Relocation Services as the sole source provider for the implementation of its Tier III and Tier IV relocation programs. These two programs account for the vast majority of the company’s relocations. Capital was awarded the business following an intensive RFP and due diligence process.
“We’re very excited about the synergy that Wal-Mart’s selection of Capital brings to both companies,” commented Mickey Williams, Capital’s CEO. “We are also pleased to welcome to Capital the existing Wal-Mart PMP Relocation team that has been on-site at Wal-Mart’s Bentonville headquarters for 14 years. They will continue to serve Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club’s Associates and will have an active role in the implementation of the new policy.”
“What really enabled us to stand out was our focus on the strategic results
Wal-Mart was looking for, and connecting that to their relocation program,” added
Williams. “Additionally, we demonstrated what would need to be done to achieve those results.”
Mr. Williams continued, “Several years ago, we realized that traditional relocation solutions weren’t enough. The challenge was that relocation management had become a logistics focused straightjacket. The emphasis was on efficiency and not on effectiveness. In a time of unprecedented change, relocation management programs were becoming increasingly inflexible.”
“We realized that our continued success required us to stop thinking of ourselves solely as a relocation management company—we had to start thinking and acting as a talent management support company; after all that is the underlying purpose of relocation management in the first place. Wal-Mart’s selection of Capital is a big confirmation that our approach is the right one.”

Now answer these questions:
1. What is this press release about? What is it saying?
2. Why did Capital Relocation Services get the new contract?
3. Underline the buzzwords and jargon in the press release. What do these words do in the press release?
4. What is the purpose of this press release? Does it meet its purpose? Why or why not?
Write a memo to your instructor evaluating the press release as an effective document.

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