Question: This problem requires the use of ACL software which is 144990

This problem requires the use of ACL software, which is included in the CD attached to the text. Information about installing and using ACL and solving this problem can be found in Appendix, pages 838-842. You should read all of the reference material preceding the instructions for "Quick Sort" before locating the appropriate command to answer questions a-f. For this problem use the Metaphor-Trans-All file in ACL Demo, which is a file of outstanding sales invoices (each row represents an invoice transaction). The suggested command or other source of information needed to solve the problem requirement is included at the end of each question.
a. Determine the total number of invoices (read the bottom of the Metaphor-Trans-All file screen) and total unpaid invoices outstanding (NEWBAL) for comparison to the general ledger. (Total Field)
b. How many of the invoices included a finance charge (FINCHG) and what was the total amount of the finance charges? (Filter, Count Records, and Total Field)
c. Determine and print accounts receivable outstanding from each customer and total the amount for comparison to part a (Note: remove the filter from step b first). (Summarize and Total Field) Which customer number has the largest balance due?
d. What is the largest and smallest account balance outstanding? (Quick Sort)
e. For the account with the largest balance, prepare and print an aging of the account from the transaction file using the statement date labeled "STMTTDT." Use the aging date as of 4/30/2003 and "NEWBAL" as the subtotal field. (Filter and Age)
f. To better decide the customers to select for confirmation you decide to stratify customer balances into two intervals after excluding all balances less than $5,000. How many balances are greater than $5,000? Print the output. (Filter and Stratify)

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