Question: This problem requires the use of ACL software which is 144803

This problem requires the use of ACL software, which is included in the CD attached to the text. Information about installing and using ACL and solving this problem can be found in Appendix, pages 838-842. You should read all of the reference material preceding the instructions about "Quick Sort" before locating the appropriate command to answer questions a-f. For this problem use the Metaphor-APTrans-2002 file in ACL-Demo. The suggested command or other source of information needed to solve the problem requirement is included at the end of each question.

a. Total the Invoice Amount column for comparison to the general ledger. (Total Field)
b. Recalculate unit cost times quantity and identify any extension misstatements. (Filter)
c. Products that Metaphor purchases should not exceed $100 per unit. Print any purchases for subsequent follow-up where unit cost exceeded that amount. (Filter)
d. Identify the three vendors from which the largest total dollar accounts payable transactions occurred in 2002. (Summarize and Quick Sort)
e. For each of the three vendors in question d, list any transactions that exceeded $15,000 for subsequent follow-up. Include the vendor number, invoice number, and invoice amount. (Filter)
f. Vendor numbers 10134 and 13440 are related parties to Metaphor. Print any accounts payable transactions with those two vendors. (Filter) Also, determine the total amount of transactions with vendor 10134. (Total Field)

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