This problem should be completed with database software such as
This problem should be completed with database software, such as Microsoft Access.
1. Using the E-R diagram in Figure implement the four related entities as tables using Microsoft Access (or any other database software acceptable to your instructor). Link the tables using the cardinalities shown in the figure. For the tables, use the following attributes:
a. Skill Sets table: Skill ID (as primary key), description, pay rate, and any required foreign keys
b. Training Courses table: Course ID (as primary key), course date, location, and any required foreign keys.

c. Training Course_ Employees relationship table: since this is a relationship table, you need to determine the composite primary key, and course grade
d. Employees table: Employee ID (as primary key), last name, first name, date hired, pay rate, and any foreign keys
2. Create forms for each table from part 1 of this problem and use the forms to populate the tables with representative data. Forms should be in good order, readable, and properly formatted. Create at least three records in each table. Print out the populated tables and one instance of each form.
3. Design three queries using the tables from part 1 of this problem. Print out the output of each query and attach an explanation as to why someone would be interested in the output of each query.
4. Using the report function in Access, design a report for each query from part 3 of this problem. Reports should be in good order, read-able, and properly formatted. Print out each report.

As directed by your instructor, submit the completed database file and the printouts notedabove.
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